Vietnamese American Community of Grand Rapids Michigan (VACGRM) is a non-profit community organization established to serve our Vietnamese Americans in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan and its surrounding areas.  See our goals and objectives.

Our team consists of 4 main groups or departments.  This is 100% volunteering based non-profit organization.  It means that no one is paid and every penny we received will go into funding all the programs and activities.

Administrative Team – consists of three elected leaders chosen by our community election once every three years, see our election result, and other appointed staff.

Task Force Groups – task force groups are formed, selected, and appointed by the Administrative team to help carry out our organization’s goals and objectives.

Board of Directors – board members are appointed positions to help the Administrative team achieve our organization’s goals and objectives.

Community Representative Group – consists of representatives or ambassadors delegated to work with the Administrative team by our local religious and non-profit organizations within our community.  Each church, temple, or association is asked to assign one person to work with the Administrative team.

Supporting Partners – these are active partners helping our organization achieving our goals and objectives.

Our Goals & Objectives – these are our campaign goals and objectives.  They are subjected to change.